KBD Network

A Network facilitating online learning

networkA network of dedicated service providers that facilitates online learning/e-learning through the KBD platform. Together we provide the opportunity to build and publish online learning courses tailored to your own specifications. The KBD online platform provides full flexibility to add, edit and manage your courses and users. In this way KBD provides the opportunity to radically expanded learning and development to meet current needs and requirements.

We strive to develop a experienced and dedicated network, stimulating knowledge development by providing a solid platform for knowledge development.

Network Providers

  • Theses are those dedicated companies and departments that tirelessly deliver training to learners. The sole purpose of their participation is to deliver information and create knowledge to the benefit of the learners and corporates. These include:

    • Training Companies
    • Progressive HR Departments
    • SETA’s
    • Avid course developers and willing providers

  • This includes a multitude of areas related to Leaning, Development, Knowledge Management and Training. Key specialists include:

    • Learning and Development Consultants
    • Learning Specialists
    • E-learning Specialists
    • Facilitators, assessors and moderators
    • E-learning designers

  • It’s the new age of the internet after all! To facilitate any online learning you will need some assistance and support. These guys are dedicated in the delivery of learning electronically and support the KBD network. These include:

    • Specialist online learning developers
    • Video and audio specialists
    • Web developers

  • This is the reason we are all here. There are individuals about there that want to learn and there are organisations out there that want to teach, all for the benefit of the learner.

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