Need to Know eLearning Statistics

Online learning is rapidly changing and here are some facts to furnish a little proof regarding growth and future of eLearning, that’s if you didn’t believe it already.

Have a look at the summary and infographic titled ’14 E-Learning statistics you need to know for 2014′ from Aurion Learning

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Our roots

This is an extract of piece I’ve written where I focused on organisational development and the broadening of Knowledge Management techniques. The broad concept of ‘connection’ is the root of Knowledge Base Developer (KBD). The eLearning KBD platform, is a platform being built using established Knowledge Management principles supporting our vision of creating a network of passionate learning and development resources to facilitate the production and delivery of a unique online learning platform thereby heightening the learning and development experience through sharing, collaboration and networking facilities. Here’s the extract:

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Welcome to Knowledge Base Developer (KBD)

“Answer every question you can no matter how simple. The question was asked because somebody wanted to know, give them that opportunity, it’s priceless.” Steven Wright

WelcomeMy keen interest in helping and developing people, processes and business has focused me on the areas of human capital, knowledge management and knowledge strategy development. In my view Knowledge Management (KM) is the under emphasized cornerstone for successfully implementing of strategy. Knowledge helps link limitations of resources and capabilities to that of strategic success. Through a focused knowledge strategy, knowledge management, human capital development and improved systems and processes, you can reach goals and objectives set as part of your strategy. Sharing and collaboration are vital to these successes, no one knows everything and everyone can learn something new every day.

It is with these thoughts that KBD has been born, a platform for those passionate about knowledge, learning and development. A platform that support current technology and methodologies complementing my mission and supporting the mission of KBD.

Here we will map out a network of dedicated service providers to provide a platform for knowledge development. We have started the voyage by linking network participants so watch this space for more…..

If you feel that you can add to this knowledge development network, please contact me.



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