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Exploiting the classroom texter!

Any teacher worth their salt knows that kids today can look you in the eye and nod in agreement – while under the desk they are texting a thousand characters a minute to a friend in another classroom doing the same thing!

So what’s the solution? You could collect all phones before class, confiscate the phones of deviants or put their expert fingers to good use!

Private education in the last decade has expanded to meet the diverse needs of learners, each with a different focus and environment to provide unique education solutions.

Viral-e offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your schools unique characteristics as well as promote your events and services!

Viral-e offers you the opportunity to…

demonstrate your professionalism and differentiate your school from the rest.

Connect Direct

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Viral-e makes it possible for you to “connect direct” to your target market through intelligent, dynamic video.

Viral-e combines your key messages, video and photos with sourced footage, graphics and royalty free music to
create a unique, tailor-made 60 second video.

The final product is formatted for use in any media, including cell phones, any website, YouTube and email.

It is easy to share via Whatsapp, eMail, Facebook, YouTube, your website and other industry sites. It is compatible with all
media devices including Smartphone, Tablets and computers.

Instead of ‘hit and miss’ marketing, you can share your business with the right people, every time. With each person you send it to, your marketing opportunities expand infinitely…

as they share your business with others and you “connect direct” to your target market.

Viral E

Viral Education